A complete range of quality food supplements specially developed to cover the nutritional needs of children

Our approach: ensuring the right products in the right dosage

The More 4 Kids range by Fisher has been developed with the optimal doses required to meet the needs of children. With its range of 8 products, More 4 Kids offers products that respond in a very broad way to the well-being of children: vitality, immunity, growth. These formulas contribute to the proper growth and development of their brains.
More 4 Kids
More 4 Kids

Quality at the heart of our formulas

We take great care to select ingredients that are as natural as possible and guaranteed GMO-free. We ensure the traceability of each ingredient to guarantee the safety of our formulas. The quality, dosage and bioavailability of the ingredients are essential parameters of our formulas. The manufacturing site complies with GMP (Good Manufacturing Process) standards for pharmaceutical products, which is a guarantee of quality.

In the case of fatigue or deficiencies, it is essential to give food supplements to children to ensure their growth and well-being.

The best ingredients and an effective dosage

Fisher has carefully selected each ingredient considering its naturalness, effectiveness, assimilation and optimal dosage. The manufacturing site was chosen for its GMP (Good Manufacturing Process) accreditation from the pharmaceutical industry, a sign of high quality. Each ingredient received is analysed to guarantee its integrity. Quality controls are carried out throughout the manufacturing process, from the selection of active ingredient suppliers to the validation of the finished products.

More 4 Kids
More 4 Kids

Creator of exceptional food supplements

Fisher offers the best of what is possible in terms of nutritional supplements. Each formula is developed by a team of pharmacists and scientists with quality and effectiveness as the objectives. For More 4 Kids, our experts have rigorously selected each ingredient and offer unique synergies in order to provide well-proportioned formulas to meet the needs of each stage of a child’s life.

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